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 The Rulings of the Arab Supreme Courts  
  Around 100,000 judicial rulings issued by the supreme courts of 13 Arab countries:
  • Civil cassation court of Egypt.
  • Criminal cassation court of Egypt.
  • Supreme constitutional court of Egypt.
  • Supreme administrative court of Egypt.
  • Supreme court.
  • Kuwaiti cassation court – civil, criminal, constitutional, and administrative.
  • Court of cassation of Dubai – civil and criminal.
  • Federal supreme court of Abu Dhabi – civil.
  • Court of cassation of Bahrain – civil and criminal.
It includes more than 300,000 legal fundamentals and 280,000 pages of scanned copies of rulings. Furthermore, the fundamentals decided by courts to the relevant article of legislation were related in order to facilitate access to the desired article and directly viewing it while reading the judicial fundamentals. Thus, not only can the researcher view the judicial fundamentals, the script of the ruling, the defense, the merits, and the prosecution, but he/she can also have direct access to the related legislation applied in the appeal.