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 Arab Legislations Library  
  Around half a million legislations of 22 Arab countries:
Abu Zabi ( UE ) Ras Al Khaimah ( UE )
Libya Tunisia
Algeria Syria
Lebanon Mauritania
Yemen Jordan
Saudi Arabia Morocco
Comoros Sudan
Somalia Iraq
Djibouti Egypt
Dubai( UE ) United Arab Emirates
Kuwait Palestine
Qatar Oman
  straight from their official sources, i.e. the gazettes
  Display of the details of each legislation provides:
  Display of copy of the legislation from the gazette.
  Numerical or subjective display of the articles of legislation.
  Information on modifications made to the legislation if any.
  The executive bill of the legislation if any.
  The rulings of the constitutional court relating to the legislation to find out whether the constitutionalism of the legislation or of any of its articles has been ruled for or not.
  The judicial applications of the Egyptian supreme courts.
  The applications of the legislation from the legal opinions of the state council.