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 Islamic Judicature

The  history  of  Islamic  judicature  is  filled  with  astonishing  stances  of administrators of justice as Islam took great care of judicial rights at a dark age in which humanity was not familiar with the taste of justice and freedom.

Henceforth, it became necessary for researchers to have knowledge of the opinion of Islamic law in problem solving and conflict resolution. This is where the Arab Legal Information Network IGLC came to bring out five specialized Islamic databases:

  Islamic legal opinions – 3439 legal opinions from the Egyptian House of Legal Opinions.
  Islamic laws in capital offenses, murder, adultery, defamation, drunkenness, robbery, transgression, apostasy.
  Ottoman Empire laws in judicature, collateral, mortgage, endowment… etc.
  Rulings of judicial courts.
  Magazine of judicial rulings – judicial rulings of Ahmed Ibn Hanbal – Personal Status Magazine.