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International Group for Legal Consultation - IGLC
Established in 1995, at the end of the last century, in the city of Alexandria
By Counselor Yasser Mahmoud Nassar
 Legal Practice and Counseling  
  Management of all civil conflicts.
  Management of all commercial, investment-related, and banking conflicts.
  All negotiation and legal intervention works.
  Counselors for legal studies and researches.
  Counselors for patents of all sorts.
  Foundation of companies and joint projects, formulating international trade contracts, and all the conflicts arising from the international trade agreement - GAT.
 Legal Information Technology
  Arab legislations – laws and motions of 22 Arab countries.
  Rulings of Arab Supreme Courts – judicial rulings of 9 Arab supreme courts.
  Islamic judicature.
  Arab and international treaties.
  Arab and international arbitration.
  Books of legal jurisprudence.
  Applications of the main law systems.
  Automation systems for law men.