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 Advocacy and Arbitration Sector:
Commercial, Corporate, Investment and Criminal Laws:
Consultancy and Legal Researches Sector
    This Includes, but not Limited to the Following Aspects, Negotiation Assistance, Incorporations formatting and Corporate Governance ..... etc.
International Trade Conflicts and Banking:
    Which Includes but not limited to, Mediation, Arbitration, Litigation, Drafting its Contractual Transactions , Subsidies, Anti- Dumping and Monopolistic Competition.
Maritime Affairs:
    Includes all Maritime Litigations Including Loading, Unloading Conflicts .... etc.
Representing Other Similar Firms in Egypt:
    Effective, Fruitful Collaboration are most Encouraged In This Respect. IGLC Is Mobilized Professionally, Administratively and Financially In Either of Alexandria or Cairo Quarters to Execute Such Collaboration.
Supportive Paralegal Services:
    Carried and Implemented by Professional Staff to Support the Abovementioned Activities Including Establishing Corporate Entities, Real Estate and Intellectual Property Affairs. Legal Translation, Informational Credit Inquiries and Debts Collection.
 Consultancy and Legal Researches Sector:
  Operates in the Following Spheres: Disputes Management, Decision Making Support, Legal and Associated Visibility Studies. In addition, Assisting Public and Private Entities to achieve Corporate Governance and Privatization.