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The mechanization of work of New Cairo prosecution:

The New Cairo prosecution office started from the first of January 2008 to register all the minutes electronically through a program of mechanization of the work of The public prosecution in a pioneer step for the operating and testing of the mechanization system that has been prepared and executed by the IT ( Information Technology) department in the International Group for Legal consultancy .

And the program is concerned with dealing with all the applications electronically, starting from the phase of the registration of the minute , through all the procedures and applications concerning the phase of the minutes to be in the courts , until reaching the pronunciation of the verdict , the appeal , and the execution of the verdict or its saving ( being archived ).

The new system includes the electronical registra- tion of all the data of the minute's registry , instead of it being manually registered , as it was previously adopted in the former system , and obtaining of all the attached documents that have been scanned , to be sent as a complete file to the prosecuting attorney that will view the minutes , and so it will be electronically available to the prosecuting attorneys , the Registry officers , the head of the criminal department (office) , the session officers , and the verdict execution officers or even the Archive and saving officers.

This huge step is part of the Strategy of his honor the General prosecutor \ Abd-ElMageed Mahmoud , to transform all the applications and procedures of the General prosecution to be run through electronic system , to achieve a Highly International standard through the application of the most recent Legal informational technology.

This program gives a lot of benefits the foremost is the simplicity and the expedition of getting the files and information, the shortening of time , reducing the waste in paper , the avoidance of accumulation and pilling up of files which are archived , etc…, beside those merits the citizen will achieve a lot of benefits from which are the shortening of time , and the easiness to check the files , the facility in dealing with the prosecution office , the knowledge of the position of the citizen's case and extracting a certificate from the schedules and registry.

It also made it easier for the prosecuting attorneys to get the most recent legal provisions , the pattern of registry of the specifications and conditions obtained from the verdicts of the Court of Cassation and that is through A huge and powerful data base attached with the system.

The legal Information Network and the Crimes Encyclopedia

For the completion of all the legal tools needed by the public prosecuting office to develop its performance and to achieve the justice , The General prosecutor has contracted with the International Group for Legal consultancy to provide a copy of the legal information network for every member of the general prosecution office , And the group has developed the legal information data base and added it to the Arabic Legal information network which is a crime encyclopedia and the prosecution office instructions.

This Electronic encyclopedia contains all the penal crimes in the Egyptian legislation indexed and attached to the conditions and the special prescriptions of it and the prosecution instructions and the books and periodicals concerning this issue , beside all of that it is allowed to add a condition and feature concerning the prosecutor attorney , also the group had trained all the members of the general prosecution on using the programs of the Arabic Legal information Technology , and informing them of the various search methods to obtain the legal information as quick as possible.