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 Fields of Work
Legal Practice and Counseling:
  1. Management of all civil conflicts.
  2. Management of all commercial, investment-related, and banking conflicts.
  3. All negotiation and legal intervention works.
  4. Counselors for legal studies and researches.
  5. Counselors for patents of all sorts.
  6. Registration: Commercial and real estate ownership, and copyrights.
  7. Foundation of companies and joint projects, formulating international trade
    contracts,and all the conflicts arising from the international trade agreement (GAT).
Legal Information Technology:

Since its establishment, our group has given a lot of attention to the cause of justice and its development. So, we focused on collecting legal information from all over the Arab world. In our first years, we were able to build up a large legislative and judicial database. Thereafter, we worked on computerizing the database we built on a scientific basis, taking the opinions of experts of legal and judiciary matters. Hence, the group was able to establish a system that turned out to be a mixture of the grandeur of the old and the splendor of the modern. We started out by making a more detailed study of the previous accomplishments in that field and they were so few. We developed and modernized those accomplishments. Thence came to being the Arab Legal Information Network. Furthermore, to keep up with the advancement of the means of communication, the group has launched its own website. as it understands that it is launching a very vital product for lawmen in the Arab world. Thus launching the website was inevitable for the following reasons:

  • Developing the group's ability to serve lawmen, e.g. providing them with judicial rulings and legislations the day following their issuance.
  • Facilitating access to legal information to the biggest client database.
  • The ability to comprise thousands of legal researches on the website as well as books of legal jurisprudents through the legal forum of the site.
  • Creating some sort of legal discussions between professors of law, counselors, lawyers, and students through Hamorabi Magazine for Legal and Judicial Researches on the website.
Legal Solutions Programs:
  The Judge's Agenda

An application that enables judges to archive their rulings and sentences, make an index of them and divide them to chapters in three ways:

  • Typing the ruling using the keyboard.
  • Scanning the ruling.
Arab Legal Information Network:
  Primary Databases
  1. Arab legislations – laws and motions of 22 Arab countries.
  2. Rulings of Arab Supreme Courts – judicial rulings of 9 Arab supreme courts.
  3. Books of legal jurisprudence – writings of college professors in all legal fields and patterns such as Dr. Tarek Fathy Sorour and Dr. Hilaly Abd El-Ilah Ahmed.
  4. The advisory opinions issued by the General Institute of Advisory Opinions and Legislations in the Egyptian State Council since its establishment until the year 2003.
  Secondary Databases
  1. Islamic judicature.
  2. Arab and international treaties.
  3. Arab and international arbitration.
  4. Islamic fatwa(s).
  Applicatory Databases
  Applications of the main law systems:
  1. Civil law.
  2. Procedural law.
  3. Penal law.
  4. Criminal procedures law.