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Criminal technology solutions
The first phase - the analysis of crime

  Criminal technology solutions not only access to information about the full legal criminal case or the legal situation is chosen, but exceed this stage to put your hand between the full vision of all possible solutions to the issue or the legal situation and assessing their potential cases.

  New technology depend on presenting criminal solutions on its first phase on:
The crime analysis
  1. The crime analysis to a range of legal information as following
    • Type of crime.
    • Legal materials of the criminal offense.
    • Penalty for the offense.
    • Arab States established for this crime.
    • The basic elements of the crime.
    • Aggravating and mitigating circumstances of the penalty.
    • The general rules of the Penal Code relating to the crime elements.
    • Criminal proceedings of crime.
    • Possible legal defenses of the crime.
    • Crimes related to Crime elements.
  2. All information on the analysis of crime linked to a detailed explanation as presenting to you complete solutions to the most detailed legal crime.
  Simply and easily choose criteria of the case in front of you, and leave the rest to technology Criminal solutions
  • To help you to get a broader legal perspective of all cases and criminal legal cases by providing comprehensive coverage of all the legal information related to crime or criminal legal case.
  • Allows you to evaluate the case or the criminal case before you whether you are a prosecutor - judge - lawyer - Legal Research.
  • Provides you with the best quality of the legal analysis of the crimes.
  • Gives you the speed in the evaluation of other potential solutions to the issue before reading further details of the case.
  • Allows you to identify other possibilities for characterization the legal offense and evaluate possibilities.