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   Articles Of Issuance
   A view on the project of amendment of the Civil Code – Explanatory Memorandum
   Preliminary Chapter
   General Provisions
   Section 1: Law and its application
  Law and right
  Application of law
   Section 2: Persons
  Natural Person
  Legal (juridical) Person
  Associations ( from 54-80 are repealed)
   Section 3: Classification of things and properties
   Part 1: Obligations or personal rights
   Book 1: Obligations in general
   Chapter 1: sources of obligation
   Section 1: Contract
  Elements of contract
  Effects of a contract
  Dissolution of the contract
   Section2: unilateral will
   Section 3: unlawful acts
  Liability for personal acts
  Liability for others' acts
  Liability resulting from things
   Section 4: Enrichment without cause
  Restitution of the undue
  Management of others’ business
   Section 5:
   The Law
   Chapter 2: effects of obligations
   Section1: specific performance
   Section 2: execution through compensation
   Section 3: the guarantees of creditors as to methods of execution and securities
  Means of execution
  means of security: right of retention
   Chapter 3: The effects amending the modality of obligations
   Section1: condition and term
   Section2:Plurality of the objects of obligation
  Facultative obligation
  Alternative obligation
   Section 3: plurality of the parties of the obligation
   Chapter 4: Transfer of obligation
   Section1: assignment of rights
   Section2: assignment of debt
   Chapter 5: extinguishment of obligation
   Section1: payment
  Parties to payment
  Subject-matter of payment
   Section 2: Extinguishment of the obligation by means of equivalents to payment
  Giving in Payment
  Novation and delegation
  Set off
   Section 3: extinguishment of obligation without payment
  Impossibility of Performance
  Extinctive Prescription
   Chapter 6: proof of obligation
   chapter 1: contracts related to ownership
   Section 1: Sale
  Sale in general
  Elements of sale
  Obligations of the seller
  Obligations of the buyer
  Some types of sale
  Sale with a Right of Redemption
  Sale of others’ property
  Sale of litigious rights
  Sale of the succession
  Sale while in death illness
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