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   Section2: Exchange
   Section3: Gift
  Elements of gifts
  Effects of gifts
  Revocation of gifts
   Section4: Company
  Elements of company
  Management of company
  Effects of company
  Means of dissolution of a company
  Liquidation and division of a company
   Section5: Loans and perpetual annuities
  perpetual annuities
   Section 6: Compromise
  The Elements of Compromise
  Effects of Compromise
  Nullity of Compromise
   Chapter 2: contracts related to things usufruct
   Section 1: Lease
  Lease in general
  Elements of lease
  Revocation of lease and sub-lease
  Termination of lease
  Death of lessee or insolvency
  Some Types of lease
  Agricultural lease
  Lease of planted lands
  Lease of wakf
   Section 2: Lending Contract
  Obligations of the lender
  Obligations of the borrower
  termination of the lending contract
   Chapter 3: Contracts related to labor
   Section I: Enterprise contract and public services contract
  Enterprise contract
  Obligations of the contractor
  Obligations of the client
  Sub-enterprise contract
  Termination of enterprise
  Public services contract
   Section2: contract of labor
  Elements of the contract
  Rules of the contract
  Obligations of the employee
  Obligations of the employer
  Termination of the of Labor contract
   Section 3: Mandate
  Elements of mandate
  Effects of mandate
  Termination of mandate
   Section 4 : the contract of deposit
  Obligations of depositary
  Obligations of the depositor
  Some kinds of deposit
Section V: sequestration
4th chapter: contracts of…الغرر Contracts
Section 1: Gambling and Betting
Section2: perpetual annuity
Section3: Insurance contract
  General Provisions
  Some types of insurance
  Life insurance
  Fire insurance
   Chapter 5: suretyship
   Section 1: elements of suretyship
  Effects of general guarantee
  The relation between the surety and the creditor
  The relation between the surety and the debtor
   Part 2: real rights
   Book 3: original real rights
   Chapter 1: the right of ownership
   Section1: the right of ownership in general
  Its scope and means of its protection
  Limits to the right of ownership
  Ownership in Indivision
  Rules of Indivision
  Extinguishment of Indivision by partition
  Obligatory Indivision
  Family ownership
  Ownership of superficies
  Union of joint owners of superficies of the same building
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