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   Section 3: Causes of ownership acquiescence
  Occupation of a movable which does not have an owner
  Inheritance and liquidation of succession
  appointment of a liquidator
  Inventory of the succession
  Status of the non-liquidated succession
  The will
  Conditions of pre-emption
  Procedures of pre-emption
  Effects of pre-emption
  Forfeiture Of pre-emption
  Effects of possession
  Protection of Possession (possessory lawsuits)
  Acquisitive Prescription
  Acquiescence of fruits’ Ownership by possession
  Restitution of fees
  Liability resulting from deterioration
   Chapter II: Rights resulting from ownership rights
   Section I: Right of usufruct, use and habitation
  Rights of use and habitation
   Section II :The Hekr
  Some types of Hekr
  Servitude right
   Book IV : Accessory real rights or real guarantees
   Chapter I : Official mortgage
   Section I: Creation of mortgage
   Section II: Effects of mortgage
  Effects of mortgage between the contracting parties
  Effects of mortgage regarding the mortgagor
  Effects of mortgage regarding the mortgagee
   Section III: Extinguishment of mortgage
   Chapter II: Judicial Mortgage
   Section I: Formation of Judicial mortgage
   Section II: Effects, reduction and extinguishment of Judicial mortgage
   Chapter III: Pledge
   Section I: Elements of pledge
   Section II: Effects of pledge
  Between the parties
  Obligations of the Pledger
  Obligations of the Pledgee
  Vis-à-vis third parties
   Section III: extinguishment of pledge
   Section IV: Some types of pledge
  Pledge of an immovable
  Pledge of movables
   Chapter 4: Privilege rights
   Section 1: general provisions
   Section 2: Types of Privileges
   Public and private privilege rights over movables
   Private privilege rights related to immovable.
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